Ultimate Folks Finder Investigation:

There are many reasons that a person needs to be located. These include:

  • A missing or lost loved one, friend, or relative
  • Missing witnesses, debtors
  • Locate for service of process
  • Missing heirs and beneficiaries
  • Former classmates, military buddies
We can help you find them! It doesn't matter whether the last known address is five or fifty years old, or older, we can conduct a wide range of searches with our access to thousands of public records databases, sophisticated internet search techniques, and traditional investigative sources and methods. We can often locate difficult subjects with very little to go on.

This is NOT an automated name search. This is an investigation conducted by a licensed private investigator into the actual location of the person you are looking for in order to provide a VERIFIED LOCATE. Limited contact with the subject, their neighbors, relatives or employer may be required. In cases where the reasons for locating the subject are personal (friend, lost loved one, etc) we reserve the right to obtain permission from the subject to release their contact information if obtained from non-public sources. In such an event, we will provide them your contact information if permission is not given.

Use the form below to tell us about yourself:
  • Your name
  • Your email
  • Your phone number
And then in the subject part of the form, tell us about the person you are looking for. Include as much details about the person you are looking for as you know, such as:
  • Full names (if known) or name you know
  • Their Age or DOB
  • Their last known address or location
  • Their Social Security # (if known)
  • How long since your last contact with them
  • Tell us why you want or need to locate them
  • Anything you think might help us find them
After you have sent us the details in the form below, we will evaluate your information and provide a NO OBLIGATION quote.