Folks Finder Search:

Not been successful finding someone using Google or "People Finder" sites? A Folks Finder Search is a search to locate the most recent contact and background information available for someone, and information about associates and relatives, from multiple subscription databases accessible to licensed private investigators, and open sources.

This is NOT an automated name search from one database. A Folks Finder search is conducted by a licensed private investigator from multiple sources, and if no information on the person you are looking for can be found, there will be NO CHARGE.

Unlike many online "people finder" sites, there are no hidden or automatically recurring memberships to contend with or struggle to opt out of, or a "teaser" list of people with the same name marketed as a "background report" for layered "upsells."

A Folks Finder search is an inexpensive way to obtain actionable information from an investigative professsional about someone you are seeking. If it's been many decades since last your contact, or if you need a verified locate, we offer an Ultimate Folks Finder Investigation.

Use the form below to tell us about yourself:
  • Your name
  • Your email
  • The Subject of your search
  • Your phone number
And then in the message part of the form, tell us about the person you are looking for. Include as much details about the person you are looking for as you know, such as:
  • Full names (if known) or name you know
  • Their Age or DOB
  • Their last known address or location
  • Their Social Security # (if known)
  • How long since your last contact with them
  • Tell us the reason you want or need to locate them
  • Anything else you think might help us find them
After you have sent us the details in the form below, we will evaluate your information and provide a NO OBLIGATION quote.
Most basic Folks Finder Searches range between $75-$150.